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Alan Jackson and Drew Herdmen interview

Lisa and the Perwick Bay Hotel

Lifeboat Dobson

A year on Ballachurry Farm

Joyce Corlett reminiscing about WW2 Internment in Rushen


Friend or Foe? 1940 - 1941 Women's Internment in Rushen


The two beautiful towns of Port Erin and Port St Mary became a temporary home to over 3,000 women internees and their children in May 1940 and in May 1941 and this exhibition showcases a stunning collection of photographs alongside stories and memories shared by members of the local community who still remember the days when they shared their towns with the internees.

The Glory Days of Southern Tourism Across the Decades


 Imagine you’re a visitor to the Isle of Man and you’ve chosen to stay in the beautiful area of Rushen for your holiday. What are the kinds of entertainment and activities available for you to do? From bustling cafes and ice cream parlours to golf courses, tennis courts and jam-packed beaches, we have found put together a stunning collection of photographs and stories from across the decades.

A Year on Ballachurry Farm from 1943 - 1944


When Captain of the Parish Stanley Clucas sat down to record his childhood memories and collection of stories about the farm he grew up on, he had no idea that it would one day turn into an exhibition. “I’ve really enjoyed sharing my memories in this book,” says Stanley. “I hope they will be enjoyed by many generations and the way life used to be won't be forgotten.” 

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