Our Purpose, Vision and Values


Our vision is “to build strong community pride through Heritage”.

We want to build knowledge and appreciation of Rushen’s fine heritage and landscape and to involve all of the residents in some aspect of this. Residents can and are helping us by joining Heritage Action Groups (HATS); by volunteering; being interviewed; contributing memories; showing us pictures and artefacts; attending our exhibitions; getting involved in our competitions; downloading our new walking app; buying our publications and donating.


Our values are:

  • Teamwork within and across our HATs.
  • Accurate and balanced
  • Exciting and fun to motivate volunteers and entice visitors.
  • Broad appeal with worldwide interest and impact.
  • Innovative with new approaches to Heritage and connecting the community.
  • Open and inclusive with willingness to share material and welcome newcomers.
  • Volunteer driven by the people who are our most important asset.


Our objectives are:

"To develop a highly motivated community, which preserves, enhances, and widely communicates ‘The Beautiful South’s unique culture and heritage in an exciting way for social and economic benefit.”

Our tag line is “Bringing People Together through Heritage” and we are as much about “people” – past and present – as about places and things and we want to bring back to life places and people who might otherwise be forgotten. 

We also wish to attract more visitors to Rushen, through exhibitions, walking trails and other heritage initiatives. 

How we do things DIFFERENTLY

We are a "Museum of No Fixed Abode"

...and we do not want one. 

A building costs money to buy, and needs volunteers to staff. People visit it once and say “I’ve done that”, so we run exhibitions and “pop-up” events in a variety of places around Rushen. It saves cost and encourages people to visit Rushen many times. 

We also use online media extensively to promote and display our exhibitions and films. In addition, in 2016, we launched the world’s first outdoor heritage walk using iBeacon technology – a brand new way for our local community to access their heritage. 

We do things through our committed volunteers

We have about 40 committed volunteers who are members of HATs plus a number of specialistss like John W Qualtrough, Drew Herdman and James Franklin and and other volunteers who help on an “as needed” basis. 

Based on comments and choices made at our first Public Meeting, we reduced a list of 20 possible heritage topics and HATs were formed for each of these. They are Story of the Land, Story of the Sea, Tourism and WW2 Women’s Internment.

What the HATs do

RHT is led on a bottom-up basis by four semi-autonomous Heritage Action Teams (HATs) who are each chaired by a member of a Management Committee that is organised by the Heritage Coordinator. 

Responsible for their own exhibitions, publications and dissemination of content, the HATs choose their own topics, driven by community interest and focusing on people and their stories. The Heritage Coordinator provides support to all HATs on an operational level, focused on implementing the agreed 3-year plan while the Board is responsible for governance, strategy, financial management and measurement of success. 

help us to keep heritage alive

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue telling the stories and sharing the memories of the community of Rushen Sheading, keeping our local heritage alive for future generations. 

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