Volunteers needed!

HAT Chairperson


Lead a team of volunteers on a range of projects. We're looking for a new HAT Chair for our Tourism HAT and also to help build a brand new HAT for the Isle of Man Walks app

HAT Member


Join a HAT and get involved with projects in many ways from research, writing, photography, publicity, budgeting, logistics, secretarial or event organising.



If you don't want to join a HAT but you enjoy researching historical facts and local heritage, you could help us seek information and documents that relate to our projects.

Social Media Contributer


Learn more about the world of RHT on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites. If you love Pinterest and Instagram, we'd love to hear from you!

Photographer / Filmmaker


 Use film and photography to record special interviews and events, providing materials for our publicity and helping to fill our walking app with exciting images. 

Website Developer


Help to develop and expand our Rushen Heritage Trust and Isle of Man Walks websites with an online shop and media archives to showcase our materials.

Isle of Man Walks Volunteer


If you're interested in helping us to run and manage our interactive walking app, we have a range of walks for you to help out on from installing new beacons, learning about the technical side or creating new content.

Event Supporters


Help us to serve tea and coffee at our events or man one of our exhibitions. You might enjoy helping us out at one of the shows and festivals we appear at too.



Share your story with us, either in a recorded interview or just with pen and paper, so that your memories are never lost. Or, if you have specialist knowledge or you'd like to shar eyour story with a wider audience, you could hold your own live talk.

Let us know what you would like to do!

Please contact us on 464634 or email rushenht@gmail.com for more information.