Thank you to our partners

Funding and grants for our projects

Without the help of organsations such as The Manx Lottery Trust and Culture Vannin, who provide funding and grants for many of our projects, our volunteers would not be able to disseminate their research in so many diverse ways. We greatly appreciate all funding we receive to support these projects.

Expert advice and knowledge

RHT frequently call on local specialists such as John W Qualtrough, who has over 160,000 artefacts on Port St Mary; Drew Herdman, who regularly records interviews for us to preserve local memories and many other members of the community who share their stories with us.

Local businesses and organisations

RHT are very active in the community of Rushen Sheading and local businesses and organisations such as the Port Erin Traders Association, Port St Mary Commissioners, Port Erin Shoprite and the Cherry Orchard all help us with advice, venues and support in many other ways for our range of annual events and programmes.



Our sponsors play a big part in what we do and we would like to thank:

The Gough Ritchie and Donny Collister Trusts, who supported our Tourism exhibition in 2016 and our Isle of Man Walks app, which has also been sponsored by the Manx Lottery Trust. The Gough Ritchie Trust is also the sponsor of our Pierrot Shows in September 2017.

Our 2016 Ballachurry Farm exhibition was sponsored by both The Elizabeth Clucas Trust and Culture Vannin, who also sponsored the publication of the accompanying book. 

Culture Vannin and the Isle of Man Arts Council also sponsored our WW2 Internment Exhibition and Wagner Festival in August 2016. Our WW2 Internment book, due out in September 2017, is also being sponsored by Culture Vannin.

Our Volunteers


Or success is down to the following people who regularly come to meetings and work on projects:

Story of the Land HAT

Staffan Overgaard (Chair), Helen Ashcroft, Alan Clucas, Stan Clucas, Nigel Crowe, Andrew Foxon, Graham Hall, Lindsey Hook, Kerry Hudson, Iain MacKenzie-Fidlin, Susie MacKenzie-Fidlin and Hilary Peterson.    

Story of the Sea HAT

Steve George (Chair), Dave Ali, David Clarke and Michelle Heywood.

Tourism HAT

Hugh Davidson, Margaret Galloway, Susie Beswick, Sylvia Jarrett, Brian Trustrum, Kathleen Trustrum, Michael Forrester and Alison Watterson.    

WW2 Internment HAT

Doreen Moule (Chair), Pam Crowe, Sandra Davidson, Ali Graham, Jane Saywell and David Wertheim.

Our key supporters


Outside of our HATs are our key supporters, who regularly help us in a variety of important ways:

This wonderful group of people includes John W Qualtrough, the volunteers from St Catherine's Church, Iris Burton, Adrian Cain, Elizabeth Clucas, Pam Clucas, Rob Clynes, Gerry Collister, Joyce Corlett, Graham Crowe, Cary Ellis, Karen and John Elliot, Drew Herdman, Dollin Kelly, Irene Jackson, Nora Lewis, Breesha Maddrell, Ruth Matthews, Keith McArd, Betty Vernon, Tim Watson and Brenda Watterson.   

The help we receive from our key supporters includes manning exhibitions, performing talks or music, distributing literature, showing us artefacts and photographs, sharing their memories and providing ideas for future projects.

We also could not achieve such great success in our projects without the help and support of local organisations including Rob and Sheila Creasey of Bradda Glen Restaurant, John Bethell and the Erin Arts Centre; Roger Watterson and the Copy Shop; Mel Wright and IOM Newspapers; James Davies and Manx Radio; the teams at 3FM and Mannin Media; Manx National Heritage; Miles Cowsill and Lily Publications plus the Bridge and Lexicon bookshops.