Tourism HAT

With three successful exhibitions behind them, this team are now producing a live show for 2017!

Our Tourism HAT launched our 2015 programme in March, with a small exhibition and "chat room" at Thie Rosien in Port Erin and was the first ever RHT event. 

The small information gathering event focused on history and people in five hotels in Rushen; Bayqueen, Falcons Nest, Belle Vue/Royal, Perwick Bay Hotel and The Bay. This event laid the ground for a major new exhibition, “The Glory Days of Southern Tourism“, in which much of the material generated was used and displayed at Port St Mary Town Hall from the 12th to the 26th July 2015.


The Tourism HAT kick-started our 2016 programme with the first exhibition of the year, “The Happy Days of  Southern Tourism”, which  attracted over a thousand visitors in just 19 days!

The exhibition explored the memories and stories of tourism in Rushen from  swimming at the Traie Meanagh Baths to golf at the Rowany,  dancing at Bradda Glen and Collinson’s Café to tennis or bowls in Breagle Glen - showing just how much things have changed in the South since the late 1800s.       


The HAT are now planning an exciting weekend of Pierrot Shows in 2017 with local performers and are currently researching the history of the Pierrots as well as working with Susie Beswick, who will produce the shows. Check out our events page for more information!