The RHT Open Handbook

Dear Supporters of Rushen Heritage Trust,   

This is a kind of ‘Moving Handbook’ about Rushen Heritage Trust for those - like you - who are closely involved. I've started the ball rolling with some advice and ideas based on the years Sandra and I have been working with RHT (our involvement pre-dated the official launch on 25th July 2014), on questions people have asked and issues which have come up. I hope that many others will contribute their thoughts to this little book and that mine will soon become a minority.   

We are a collection of volunteers, not a company, so this is not a Manual and is in no way prescriptive. There are many ways of doing things and rarely only one right one. So, the style is informal and sometimes personal, where this might help illuminate a point. Humour is not only allowed but positively encouraged, as will be a variety of writing styles.   

The main source of the Open Handbook is online because it moves and can be continuously added to and improved. However, we also plan to publish it in hard copy and update it once a year as well, since some people prefer this. You can download the Open Handbook below.   


We value your contributions to the Open Handbook

RHT is led and inspired by volunteers, who come up with the best ideas, do research, design and run exhibitions, author books and booklets, organise talks, provide high quality content for a variety of purposes including iomWalks (the iBeacon Walking trail), conduct interviews, provide memories and staff exhibitions. We have a wide range of ages but some of our most valuable volunteers are over 80 years old and provide memories which will now not be forgotten.  The Board of RHT is very grateful to all of our volunteers and supporters who have enabled us to get off to a great start. It recognises that we are genuinely volunteer led and that without you we could not exist. Thank you all for your enthusiastic and skilful contributions to RHT, all of which are greatly appreciated. 

Warmest regards, Hugh Davidson.  

Download the rht open handbook here: